For an employer

We carry out the selection of personnel at all levels of Nala to order Russian and foreign companies.

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агентство по поиску персонала

To the Applicant

The first step to your new job, to decent earnings.

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кадровое агентство


The provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation in the field of labour migration.

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Agency “Personnel Advisor” works in the sphere of assistance with employment abroad and offers a comprehensive solution to all issues, referring staff recruitment from the Republic of Belarus.

Our agency prides itself on the strict selection of skilled staff for your business. We thoroughly select the best possible candidates, who will be perfect exactly for you. We take into consideration age, experience, and individual traits of every candidate; so that he/she would perfectly fulfill their duties, while working at a specific unit, in the office of your company, or even from home offices.

We offer the following services:

  • High quality specialist selection in all business areas;
  • Mass recruitment of laborers and building staff;
  • Selection of temporary (project) and seasonal staff;
  • Selection and developing of a system of cooperation with home office staff. 

The benefits of cooperation with us

  1. Transparency on every stage of service provision;
  2. Tailored approach;
  3. Confidentiality in relations;
  4. Flexibility in the discussion of cooperation conditions;
  5. Provision of warranty.